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Best Entry Level DSLR Camera 2018

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We are here to tell you best entry level DSLR camera of 2018. We have a very detailed guide that will help you sure to become a perfect photographer, cinematographer or you tuber. For a entry level DSLR you have two options right now, Nikon D3400 and Canon 200D /SL2.
And one of the best thin inside the Canon 200D camera is FAST AUTO FOCUSING PERFORMANCE due to DPAF sensor.
So, If you are in hurry we have no issue in telling you that Canon 200D / SL2 camera is best camera for youtubers, Best Camera for Beginners and a perfect stautup camera for Videographers.

If you want to look at detailed specification comparison between both the camera you can look at here

Why we are recommending Canon 20DD / SL2 Camera ?

Both of these camera are excellent tool for beginners, those who wants to start photography as their carrier

But, One of the biggest advantage of Canon 200d is the use of dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor inside it

On the other side we have Nikon D 3400 model, which uses a traditional contrast detect CMOS sensor

By using dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor Canon 200d or sl2 offers better autofocusing speed while shooting a video or capturing are still short.

Nikon D 3400 camera uses contrast based autofocus system while shooting images with the live view on and while creating videos

Other advantages of Canon 200D

Butil-in WiFi for transferring photos to Smartphones, Remote shooting is also available via app.
No WiFi available in Nikon D3400

Canon 200D features touch display interface, but Nikon D3400 doesn't have that.

You can plug your micro phone jack in Canon 200D for recording professional quality Videos. Nikon D3400 is also missing that.

so we recommend you to get Canon 200d / sl2 if you want a perfect beginner DSLR camera in your hand

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